An Approval Step serves as an opportunity to review a submission and approve, deny, or request changes. It answers the question of whether that submission should advance to the next step in the workflow. If you wish to collect an approval for the content of the forms or documents that are being reviewed, you can do that using a signature on a form. This is often done following an Approval Step.

If a submission reaches the approval step and is approved, that submission advances to the next step in the workflow. If a submission is denied, it stops the submission at that approval step and closes it out. If a submission has changes requested, it will be returned to the person who completed the step assigned for revision.

Viewing an Approval Step

  • When an approval step is assigned to you, you will be able to see all forms and files uploaded related to that submission. Click the document below each numbered step to view the file.

  • Each document will be available for viewing or downloading. Use the arrow on the right side of the screen to navigate to the next document. Click the “X” in the top right to return to the Approval screen.


Once you have reviewed the related documents, you can select “Approve” on the top right of the approval screen to move the submission forward in the workflow.

Often after you have reviewed the submission, there is an additional step that requires your signature to be added to the form. If applicable, you will be presented with the opportunity to sign after you approve the submission.


If you have reviewed the submission and are not willing to move it forward, you can choose to deny the submission. Denying cancels the remainder of the workflow and marks this submission as “Canceled”

  • Once you choose “Deny,” you will be offered the option to provide an explanation for the denial to the user who initiated the form. This information will be sent to them in an email.

Send Back for Correction

  • You can request changes to any of the files you are viewing by clicking on the loopback arrow to the right of each numbered step,

  • Or by clicking on the “Request Changes” button on the top right of the file view screen.

NOTE: Each step in the workflow is represented separately in an approval review. Choose the appropriate step to request changes from the user who completed that step.

  • Once you choose “Request Changes” you will be presented with the opportunity to make a specific request about the changes you wish to see. This information will be sent to them in an email along with a link to re-enter the workflow at the step you have requested changes.

This submission will move backward in the workflow to the step you have selected. Once your user makes your requested changes, the submission will follow all subsequent steps, including this review and approve step.

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