With Script, school districts are able to offer their forms in an online format to their community. Script offers two different ways to build a form: use your current paper form or build an ADA compliant digital form. Let’s take a look at when you should use either the paper form builder or the digital form builder.

Use Your Current Form: Paper Form Builder

The paper form builder allows users to make a current PDF paper form fillable. This is a great option when a paper form is pre-approved or the format needs to be held for legal reasons. Sometimes districts use pre-approved forms at the local, state, or federal level for things like contracting or purchasing.


  • Staff Contracts

  • Purchasing Agreements

  • Addendums

  • Direct Deposit Forms

Another reason schools choose to use the paper form builder is for comfort reasons. Some forms have been used in a school system for a handful of years and the community is used to seeing the form in that specific format. Feel free to use the paper form builder for any forms that fall into these categories.


  • Athletic or Student documents

  • Notices

  • Agreements

For more information on the paper form builder, check out uploading a paper form and adding paper form fields.

Build a Form in Script: Digital Form Builder

The digital form builder gives school districts the ability to create a form within Script that is also ADA compliant. A screen reader is able to understand what information the form is requesting and the user is able to maneuver the form with the keyboard.

We suggest using the digital form builder whenever possible because it is great for quick updates and is fully responsive to any device. Users can replicate any form needed with the digital form builder.

For more information on the digital form builder, check out creating a digital form and adding digital form fields.

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