The digital form builder allows users to build their own form within Script. Once you have created a digital form, now you are ready to add fields.

Your digital form is made up of tools and settings. Below, we will break down the difference between each.

Form Tools

Tools make up all of the fields that you can use to create your digital form.

Form Settings

When you click ‘Settings’ you will find ‘Submission Variables’ and ‘Form Steps’

Form Steps are used to assign fields to users. You can use form steps to list out how many people need to fill out a field on the form. To add another step, simply click ‘Add Step’ and name the step user. Do not worry about assigning the specific user or email address at this point. Drag and drop the box to the left to rearrange your form steps.

To learn about Submission Variables, read this article.

Insert a Field

To insert a field, simply click on the tool that you wish to add from the toolbar. The field will insert at the bottom of the form.

Customize Field Content

Once your field is inputted, a content editor will pop-up on the left-hand sidebar. To access the content editor at any time, you can simply press on the field you wish to customize. Below is an example of a single line input.

Customize Field Settings

Field settings allow a user to choose a field format and input mask.

Field Format

  • General format includes letters and numbers

  • Currency format includes a $

  • Number format limits to only numeric characters

Field Input Mask gives users the ability to limit how many characters are accepted.

  • Letters are represented with A

  • Numbers are represented with 9

Field Validation allows users to make fields required and set a minimum or maximum if the field format is a number or a currency.

Field Completer

Choose which user will be completing this field. The field completers are set up under the form settings explained above.

Moving Fields

Rearranging fields is easy with the digital form builder! Simply click on the dots to the right of each field and drag them up or down. When you make edits, it is important to save your changes with the Save Form button in the top right corner.

Save Form

As you are building your digital form, make sure to frequently Save Form in the top right-hand corner. Best practice at Script is to Save Early, Save Often to ensure that your changes have been updated!

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