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Discover how to send a reminder to the current completer

Written by Hannah Hill
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Who Can Do This?

  • Dashboard Users

  • Owners

This feature allows you to send reminders to the completer of the current step in a submission.

For In Progress submissions, you can send an email reminder to the current completer that will remind them that the submission is waiting for their attention.

First, navigate to the workflow that you need to remind a completer about.

Click All Submissions on the workflow navigation bar on the left side of your page.

You will now see the submission table for this workflow. Click on the submission that you would like to send a reminder about.

The submission details window will now appear on the right side of your screen.

Scroll to the bottom of this window and click on the option labeled Send Reminder to Current Completer. This is located directly above the Archive this Submission option in red.

You will see a pop-up message letting you know that an email reminder has been sent to the current completer. Click OK.

The current completer should now have an email in their inbox letting them know they have pending Script steps to complete.

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