Once you have Created a Workflow you can now start to build your exact process that your school or district follows. To do this, we can add a variety of step types.

Navigate to the workflow

After creating a new workflow, you will be brought to the workflow dashboard. From here, click on ‘Workflow’ on the white sub-menu to add the steps.

Lock & Unlock

The workflow builder is where you will be able to modify and add steps to the process. When making edits, it is important that the lock at the top of your workflow is ‘unlocked’. When you are done editing, ‘lock’ your workflow to make your changes live.

New workflows by default are left unlocked, so for this example, we are going to get started!

Adding Workflow Steps

To add workflow steps, press the ‘+’ button

Upon clicking the "+" button, you are presented with all step options available to your account. In the example below, we have 5 available options: Notification, Approval, Form, Conditional Branch, and File Upload.

Note: For accounts with advanced steps, click the ‘Show Advanced Step’ button in the lower-left of the screen.

In this example, we clicked ‘form’ and searched the form database for the Student Injury Form that we want to add to this workflow. Now press ‘Add Form’.

Now that our form is added, you can see the workflow is populated with all of the form steps from the selected form. From here, we need to click on each step and assign the correct user.

Note: Red exclamation points indicate that the form step needs to be configured and assigned to a user before allowing the workflow to be locked.

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