To download submission data from a form, you can click here to go directly to your form directory, or navigate there using the "Forms" module from the blue navigation bar on the left.

  • Select the form from which you wish to download submission data

  • Select “Export” from the navigation menu:

  • Select the “Export Responses” button on the top right:

  • Select the Format and Date Range you wish to export then click “Start Export” to export your selection.

Export Formats

CSV: This file type can be opened in standard spreadsheet programs, giving you access to all of the reporting tools available in that program. Each submission will appear as a row and each field will appear as a column, named by the “Field Name” you assigned when you created the form.

PDF: This file type export will provide you with the individual PDFs for each submission, compressed into a .zip file format.

  • Your exported file will appear in the Export list. Select the download button to download your export to your computer:

Check out downloading submission data to learn about exporting individual submissions from a workflow dashboard.

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