There are a few places on the workflow dashboard where you can track submissions. Submission data is found under the submission details.

Navigate to Workflow Dashboard

First, you need to navigate to the workflow dashboard of the submissions you would like to track by using the instructions below.

Click the ‘Scripts’ button in the blue menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen:

Now, click on the Script you would like to track submissions for. Note that some Scripts will be organized into folders. In our example, we choose the "Zone Exemption Application"

From here, you will be brought to the workflow dashboard. On the dashboard, you can manage your total submissions by clicking the 'Submissions' tab on the white sub-menu bar. You can also manage your submissions from the three bubbles at the top categorized by completion status.

Check out managing submissions to learn more about navigating the workflow dashboard!

Download Submission Data

Choose the submission you want to download data from. From here, you will be brought to the submission details.

Click on ‘Available Files’.

Download the individual files by clicking the arrow to the right or click ‘Download All Files’ to create a zip file.

Check out downloading form data to learn about exporting information from the form.

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