To add or delete a user you can click here to go directly to your user's page, or navigate there using the instructions below.

Add a user

  • Click the 'Settings' button in the bottom left-hand side of your screen:

  • Now, click the 'Users' button in the settings navigation bar: 

From here you will see all the users listed in your district's account. To add a single user account click the "Create User" button in the top right of your screen:

The last remaining step is to add in the account details for the new user. Here we can add in the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address of the account. Lastly, click "Create User" to instantly send a welcome email to the new account: 

How to delete users

We’re keeping this feature but calling it ‘Suspend’. Suspended users are not permanently deleted, but will not be visible in workflows and their account will no longer be accessible while they are listed as suspended.

Go to Settings > Users and click the user you wish to suspend.  To change the status of the user then go to Security and click "Edit" on the teammate you'd like to suspend, then change the account status to "Suspended" and hit "Save": 

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