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Testing Your Workflow
Testing Your Workflow

Learn how to test a workflow before going live

Written by Hannah Hill
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Who Can Do This?

  • Dashboard Users

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Testing your forms and workflows before deploying to a group of users is always a best practice approach.

Testing your workflow will ensure that you catch any mistakes that may have occurred during building and will give you the opportunity to confirm that the flow of work accomplishes what it was intended to. In this article, we will talk about a few ways this can be done.
Before sending out a public link or notifying users that a workflow is live, we suggest testing the workflow by assigning each step completer to The person that starts the Script. Since you will be the one initiating the test submission, this allows you to quickly go through each step sequentially to test and evaluate exactly how each user will interact with the process.

Another great way to test a workflow is to complete the test submission in an incognito browser window. This will prevent Script from recognizing your account, and therefore allow you to test the form as an external user, such as a parent or staff member. You will have to fill in a first name, last name, and email address to complete the submission. We suggest using test names and your real email address for notifications.

As you go through the forms and steps in your process, keep in mind that you are pretending to use it as one of your completers. This will help you catch any errors or assumptions made during the design process.

Another set of eyes is always helpful when testing your workflow. If you'd like, invite a few other users to test the workflow and repeat the testing process until you have a great form and process to use.

If you find any issues with your form or process, make sure to go back through, edit them, and update the workflow with your changes.

Any test submissions can be archived later so that they do not get grouped with any valid submissions.

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