Merge Tags enable users to use information collected from the form to create customized notifications. If you’ve ever used a mail merge then you will feel right at home with this process!

Notifications are a powerful tool used to send information to a party without holding up the workflow. Districts tend to use notifications to send information to departments who need the information to do something outside of Script. An example would be when a new hire fills out their paperwork to send a notification to the technology department to create their email and staff accounts.

Adding Merge Tags to Documents

To add merge tags to your notifications first click the notification step within your workflow.

After adding in the step name and marking who should receive the notification, click ‘Create Message’.

Now you can start typing out your message. All of the available merge tags will be available on the right-hand side of the screen. Notice that the merge tags come from the submission, step, and form information. Simply click on the merge tag you wish to add or drag and drop to create the message.

After you update the message, save the changes, and lock the workflow, the notification will include dynamic data from the workflow submission. Make sure to test the process before launching to ensure the merge tags are configured correctly.

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