There are several options available for assigning steps to users in a workflow. To assign workflow steps, click here to go directly to 'Your Scripts', or navigate there using the instructions below.

Navigating to your workflow

  • Click the ‘Scripts’ button in the blue menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen.

  • You will be brought directly to Your Scripts. Click on the Script you would like to edit a workflow for.

  • From here you will be brought to the workflow dashboard. Click on ‘Workflow’ to edit the workflow.

Assigning Steps in Workflows

Once you add steps to your workflow, you are ready to assign the workflow steps! Each step gives you a variety of assignee options. Below, we will walk through each assignee option:

The person who starts the Script assigns the step to the person who first accesses the Script. Check out sharing workflows to learn more.

Let the previous steps completer pick who will do this step allows the previous completer to choose from either a Predetermined list or to enter in the email of the next completer. This must be identified in the workflow step.

  • Predetermined list of completers

  • Click ‘Add Completer Group’ and repeat the process

  • Manually enter an email address

The same person who completed the previous step will assign the next step to the previous completer. They will be presented with the next step automatically

Let me specify who will do this step allows you to predetermine who the step completer is.

  • Click ‘Add User’

  • Choose ‘Script User’ or ‘External Email’

Notifications allow you to Notify all users who completed a step. Notifications will be sent to any email address associated with the workflow step completion. To configure your notifications, check out Add Dynamic Data to Notification with Merge Tags and Attach File Generated by the Previous Step

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