There are two ways that users can start a new submission. Users either have a verified Script account or they are filling out a form as an external user without a login.

Internal User - With a Script Account

An internal user with a Script account will have a username and password. Be sure to be logged into the account when starting a new submission. When logged into a Script account, submissions can be initiated in two ways: from a public link or from School Links.

From a public link: Click or insert the link into your web browser. If you are logged in, your account will be recognized and you will be able to initiate the form.

From School Links: When a form is shared with a staff folder, they will be visible under ‘School Links’ on either the home screen or the inbox.

External User - Without a Script Account

A parent or staff member may not have a Script account and will be initiating a form as an external user. These users will access a form from a public link.

Click or insert the link into the web browser then fill out the validation page (first name, last name, and email address of the form completer). Then press start to initiate the form submission.

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