Note: This article describes new features that may not be available to all accounts.

At Script we take privacy and data security seriously. So we know it is important to be able to provide users with just the right amount of access to complete their job while limiting access to sensitive or confidential information in your Script account.

Script provides a robust but easy to understand approach to security that empowers you to easily grant the right access to the right individuals.

We break down security into two main categories. Account level access and resource level access. If any of this sounds complicated keep reading, we promise it will all make sense soon!

Set a Users Experience using Account Level Access

Account level access allows you to choose what type of experience you want for a given user and is typically determined by their role in your organization.

The three levels of access are Inbox Only which provides users with the ability to complete steps in workflows, Dashboard Access which provides users the ability to create and report on workflows and forms that they have been granted access to and finally Account Owner access which provides full control over your Script account.

For an in depth look at each of these roles and what they can do see our Account Access Levels article.

Control access to Workflows & Forms With Resource Level Access

Once you have chosen the account level access to grant a specific user then we can begin to tailor the user's access to specific Workflows and Forms.

Keep in mind while reading the following sections that Resource level access only applies to users with Dashboard account access levels since Inbox users don't have access to see the Script Dashboard at all and Account Owners have full control of all aspects of the account including over resources.

Resource Level Access

At this point we assume you have setup a user with Dashboard account level access and you are ready to begin granting them access to different forms and workflows within your account.

The tool we use to grant this access is Resource Level Access settings. These resource level access settings are what empowers Script account owners to tailor the access to each form and workflow to meet their specific security and privacy needs. While account level access is managed at the user level, resource level access is managed on each individual workflow and form.

A Note About Resource Ownership

In Script every Form and Workflow must have at least one owner. The owner is typically the person who the form is maintained by or who owns the process that a workflow models but it can be anyone you want to have full control of the resource.

By default the resource owner will have full control and access to the resource including renaming it and even deleting it. For a deep dive into how resource owners work see the Resource Owners article.

What about Everyone Else I Want to Give Access To?

In most cases you do not want to grant full control over a resource but instead want to grant a limited set of permissions that enable a user to perform their job functions. This is where collaborators come in.


Resource collaborators provide a way to grant users access to a form or workflow without giving them full control over that resource. Collaborators can be granted different levels of access to a resource so that you can customize their permissions based on your use case. The exact roles that are able to be granted to collaborators differs depending on the type of resource. See the links below for detailed information on each resource's collaboration roles.

Next Steps

Now that you have a solid understanding of Script's Security model we recommend you take a look at some other interesting Security focused articles like how to Setup Google Single Sing On for your account.

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