Note: This article describes new features that may not be available to all accounts.

This article describes the access levels in depth. For information on how to update access levels see the Modifying a User's Account Access Level article.

Account level access allows you to choose what type of experience you want for a given user and is typically determined by their role in your organization. The three levels of Access for Script accounts are:

Inbox Only

This level of access is the simplest way to use Script and is great for users who are involved in completing steps in your workflows but who do not need dashboard access to pull reports or build forms and workflows.

Dashboard Access

Dashboard access is great for users who need to build workflows and forms or access reports and data from your dashboard. Dashboard users do not have access to any forms or workflows by default. They can only access forms or workflows they are the owner of or that they have been invited to collaborate on.


Owner level access is the highest level of access available to a Script account. This access gives users full control over all forms and workflows and allows them to manage user access to Script as well as all account settings. This is the role that the user who sets up the account is grated and should only be given to individuals who you trust with privileged access.

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