Note: This article describes new features that may not be available to all accounts.

This article provides answers for frequently asked questions regarding Owners of Script Resources such as Forms and Workflows. (For an in depth look at Script's security model see our Script Security Guide).

What is a Resource Owner?

In Script, Workflows and Forms follow our resource permission model. In this model each resource must have one or more owners. The user who creates a resource is automatically added as an owner of that resource and has special rights when it comes to the resource.

What Can a Resource Owner Do?

Owner's of a resource have full control over that resource including the following:

  1. Rename the resource

  2. Edit the resource’s description

  3. Delete the resource

  4. Add or Remove other Owners

Can I have Multiple Owners for a Resource?

Yes, you can add as many owners to a resource as you need to. Keep in mind that owners have full control over the resource and can even remove other owners.

What is the difference between Account Owners and Resource Owners?

An account owner has full control over all aspects of a Script account including all resources no matter if they are specifically added as an owner of the resource or not. Resource Owners only have full control over the specific resource that they own.

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