Note: This article describes new features that may not be available to all accounts.

This article provides answers for frequently asked questions regarding Collaborators of Script Resources such as Forms and Workflows. (For an in depth look at Script's security model see our Script Security Guide).

What is a Collaborator?

In Script, Workflows and Forms follow our resource permission model. In this model each resource may be shared with any user in the Script account by adding them as a Collaborator. Each collaborator can have a role assigned to them which determines their level of access to the Form or Workflow.

Can You Control What Level of Access a Collaborator Has?

Yes, each collaborator has a role assigned to them that determines the level of access they have over the form or workflow.

What are the Roles I can Assign a Collaborator?

The available roles differ between forms and workflows however they generally follow a tiered access approach staring at Read Only and ending at Admin Access. For a complete run down on resource roles see the corresponding guide for the resource type:

Do Collaborators Affect Who Can Create or Participate in Submissions of My Workflows?

No, collaborators only affect Dashboard users ability to view or modify resource details and run reports on those resources. Who can create or participate in submissions is covered in our Sharing Workflows article.

Who Can Add Collaborators to a Resource?

A user can be added as a collaborator to a resource by a Script account owner, the resource's owner or another collaborator who has been assigned a role with collaboration management rights.

Do You Have To Be a Collaborator To Access a Resource?

Yes, unless you are the owner of the form or workflow or you are a Script Account Owner you must be a collaborator to access a form or workflow resource.

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