Note: This article describes new features that may not be available to all accounts.

This article provides information about the different levels of access that can be granted to collaborators of Forms. For more details on what is a collaborator see our Resource Collaborators article or for an in depth look at Script's security model see our Script Security Guide.

Read Only

Collaborators with the Read Only role may view all form information. They may also export form responses in CSV or PDF format.

Note: Currently read only collaborators are unable to view the layout of the form. This is a limitation that will be resolved in a future update.


Collaborators with Builder access can do everything that a Read Only user can do plus view and modify the layout of the form.

Form Administrator

Form administrators can do everything available to Read Only and Builder collaborators. In addition to these rights they can also manage other collaborators. The only thing a form administrator is unable to do is manage owners of the form, delete the form or modify the form's name and description. Those permissions are reserved for the form's owner.

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