Note: This article describes new features that may not be available to all accounts.

Who Can Access a Form and its Data?

By default only Script Account Owners and the owners of the Form can access a form or its data.

Inviting Additional Users to Access a Form and its Data

In order to allow users who are not Script account owners or an owner of the form in question to access the form, they can be invited as a collaborator.

To do this start by navigating to the form you wish to grant access to and selecting 'Manage Access' from the navigation menu.

Next click the plus button or use the invite others button.

Then select one or more users you wish to add as collaborators and click 'Save'

The users you selected will be added to the form as collaborators with Read Only access.

To modify a collaborators role click the dropdown next to their name and select the new role you wish to assign to them. For a complete overview of the permissions that each role grants see our Form Collaborator Roles article.

Once you see the green check your change has been saved.

To remove a Collaborator use the trash can next to their role to remove them. Once you remove them they will no longer have access to the form.

The user will be removed from the collaborator list.

If you remove someone by mistake you can add them back easily using the plus button.

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