Who can do this?

  • Users with the Account Owner Role

  • Team Owners


  • You are logged into the Script Dashboard

  • You have created a Team

  • You are an Account Owner or Owner of the Team


Team’s are able to be customized with a Team Banner. A team banner helps to brand your team and helps it to stand out on the All Teams page. An account owner or a Team owner may add a banner image, replace an existing banner image with a new one or remove an existing banner image entirely. Remember that Team banners are visible to all of your organization’s dashboard users.


1. Navigate to the Team you would like to update the banner of

2. Select “Options” from the navigation menu

3. You will now be on the Team’s Options page

4. Click to upload or drag and drop an image onto the banner drop-zone if your team currently does not have a banner.

5. Click the “Edit Team Banner” button if your team already has a banner. A banner management menu will appear.

6. Click “Remove Team Banner Image” if you want to remove the banner entirely

7. Click “Edit Team Banner Image” if you want to switch the banner image


  • The ideal size for a Team banner image is 2556px x 720px. Don’t worry if you don’t have an image with those exact dimensions, you can upload any size image and crop it to fit.

  • When no banner image is provided the Team color is prominently displayed.

  • Team banner images are considered public content and are publicly available to anyone on the internet who knows the image’s URL. While it is unlikely that anyone would access this URL it is possible. We recommend that you only use images that are okay to be publicly displayed as banners.

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