Who can do this?

  • Users with the Account Owner Role

  • Team Owners


  • You are logged into the Script Dashboard

  • Your organization has created a Team

  • A user has requested Team membership


Script is all about getting work done as quickly and efficiently as possible therefore any user with Dashboard access can request to join a team they are interested in. Once membership is requested the team or account owner can grant or deny their request. Approve the request if you would like to add the user as a member of the team.


  1. Navigate to the desired Team

  2. Scroll down past associated workflows and forms

  3. A list of all active requests is displayed in the “Member Requests” card

  4. Locate the request you wish to grant and click “Approve”

  5. The user will now be a member of the Team.


  • Team owners and account owners can also manually manage members without users needing to request access to Join.

  • No notifications are sent when approving a request. Be sure to reach out to the requester and let them know you have granted them access to your team.

Add Members

Remove Members

Deny Request to Join a Team

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