Who can do this?

  • All Dashboard Users


  • You are logged into the Script Dashboard

  • Your organization has created a Team

  • Some details require Team Membership to View


A Team page is a team’s central location for all information related to the team. It offers quick access to a Team’s associated forms and workflows, its members and high-level metrics about the work that is being done in the Team. Some details are public to all dashboard users such as the team profile. Other information such as associated workflows, forms or members is private and only available to account owners and team members.


  1. Navigate to the desired Team in the Team module

  2. The initial page when a team is clicked on is the team page

  3. If you are a member you will see all available details

  4. If you are not a member you will see the Team’s basic profile information.


If you are not a member of the team and you would like to be you can use the “Request to Join” feature to request team membership.

Request to Join Team

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