Who can do this?

  • Users with the Account Owner Role

  • Form Owners


  • You are logged into the Script Dashboard

  • Your Form exists and is not associated with a Team

  • You are an account owner, or you are both the form owner and a member of the team you want to associate the form with


If your form was not associated with a Team during creation you may associate it with any Team you have access to from the form settings. In order to associate a form with a team you must be an account owner or both the owner of the form and a member of the Team you want to associate the form with.


1. Navigate to the desired form

2. Select “Options” from the navigation menu

3. You will now be on the Form’s options page

4. Click “Associate” in the Associate Team section in the “Danger Zone”

5. Select a Team from the dropdown to associate the form with (Remember if you are not an account owner you will only see Team’s you are a member of)

6. Click “Save” once you are satisfied with your selection


  • The associate Team functionality is in the danger zone because it potentially can provide permissions to a large group of individuals. If you make a mistake you can always disassociate the form from the Team.

Transfer a Form to another Team

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