Who can do this?

  • Users with Dashboard Access who have access to a report that supports Views


  • You are logged into the Script Dashboard

  • You are an Account Owner or the Owner of a Team

  • You have access to a report that supports Views


Any view that is available to you in All Views can be pinned to the Views Navigation Bar above your report. Pinning provides one click access to commonly used views.


1. Navigate to the Report you are interested in

2. If the report supports views you will see the View Navigation Bar above the report

3. Click on the view you want to Pin to activate it (If not already active)

4. Once the view is activated click on the view again to open its actions menu

5. Click “Pin View to keep open”

6. The view will be moved in front of any Unpinned views and it will now have a Pinned View Indicator before its Name in the View Navigation Bar


  • A view must be opened before it can be pinned

  • Each user has their own pinned views for each report. Pinning a View only pins it for your user account and has no affect on other users.

  • If the view is already pinned you will not be able to Pin it. Pinned views have a Pin Icon before their name.

Open View

Unpin View

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