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Building a Notification Step
Building a Notification Step
Written by Hannah Hill
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Notification steps are a great way to automate customized messages and provide copies of work completed in the workflow to stakeholders.

First, navigate to your Workflow page.

Make sure your workflow is unlocked so that you are able to edit it.

If this is a new workflow without any steps yet, you will notice one large plus sign "+" underneath your start button that you can click on to add a notification step. If you already have existing steps in your workflow, you will notice plus sign buttons in between each of your existing steps. Click on the "+" that aligns with where you want your notification step to be located in the workflow. You will also be able to move this step to a different part of your workflow at a later time if needed.

You will now see a selection pane on the right side of your screen where you will decide what type of step you'd like to add to your workflow. Choose Notification at the top of the list.

Now your notification step appears in your workflow. Notice that there is a red exclamation point in the left corner to remind you that it is not completely set up yet. Wait for the blue checkmark in the bottom right corner of your screen to confirm that your changes have been saved.

Click on your yellow notification step to finish configuring it. Your step configurations should now appear on the right side of your screen.

First, you can change the step name that appears in the workflow.

Next, you will need to decide who should receive this notification. Depending on where your notification step falls in the workflow, you might have up to 5 options to choose from. Keep reading below to learn more about what each of these options mean.

The person who starts the Script

The person who begins work on this specific submission will receive this notification.

Let the previous step's completer pick who will do this step*

The person who completed the step prior to your notification step will be prompted to choose who receives this notification.

*See below for the different ways you can allow them to choose.

The same person who completed the previous step

The person who completed the step right before this notification step will be the one to receive this notification.

Let me specify who will do this step

You will determine ahead of time who will receive this notification by adding a Script Team, a Script user, an external email, or a combination of the above. You'll need to choose at least one person, but you can have as many as you would like.

Notify all users who completed a step

All users who completed any step on this workflow will receive this notification.

*Additional information on second option:

  1. You can allow them to choose from predetermined people or groups of people who should be notified. This is done by setting up a completer group.

Enter a display name for your group such as "Administrator", "HR Department", or whatever you need it to be.

When selecting notification recipients to be a part of your completer group, you can either choose a Script Team, an existing Script user, an external email, or a combination of the above. You need at least one completer in this completer group, but can have as many added as you'd like. If this group is selected by the previous step's completer, everyone in this completer group will receive the notification.

To give your previous step's completer more than one person or group of people to choose from, click the blue Add Completer Group button. Repeat the steps above until you have as many completer groups as you need.

2. Instead of using completer groups to provide predetermined people for them to choose from, you can delete the completer group and allow them to enter the person of their choice.

Click the trash can icon to delete the completer group option.

Select the checkbox that says "Let the previous completer enter the email of who should do this step". In this option, the previous step completer will be prompted to type in the name and email address of the person they would like to notify.

Once you've decided who should receive this notification, you can click Create Message to customize the email that will be sent to them.

Here you can add an email subject, a message, and also include merge tags to personalize your message using information collected in the workflow. All of the available merge tags will be available on the right-hand side of the screen. Notice that the merge tags come from the submission, step, and form information. Simply click on the merge tag you wish to add, or drag and drop it into your message.

Click the purple Update button to save your custom message.

If you'd like to attach a copy of any files created in the workflow, click the checkbox at the bottom of your selection pane that says "Attach File Generated by Previous Step".

You will have the option of selecting a PDF file or a JSON file for form steps worked on in the workflow. If you have any approval steps or file uploads that are completed prior to your notification step in the workflow, you will also have files generated from each of those here. The thing to keep in mind is that they appear here in the order in which they're worked on in the workflow. So, if your form has 3 different steps, you'll see 3 different PDF files for that form in this list. The most recent file with the most amount of work completed on it would be at the bottom of this list.

Click the blue Save button to save your configurations.

Once you see the blue checkmark signaling that your changes have been saved, your red exclamation point will be gone and your notification step is ready to be used!

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