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Learn how to create and configure autofill fields on digital and paper forms

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This feature allows you to create fields on a digital or paper form where data will be autofilled from another place in the workflow.

Autofill fields only need to be set up on the form that you want the previously collected data to "land". If it is a field where you want data that is collected elsewhere to automatically appear, then that field needs to be an autofill field.

There are two different ways to get autofill data onto a form.

  • From a Submission Variable: If you are autofilling information from another place in the workflow that is specific to this submission and completer, you'll need submission variables set up on this form for each field that you will be autofilling. For example, if you are collecting data on a digital form and want some or all of that data to autofill onto a paper form, you'll need submission variables.

    • You can use submission variables to autofill from the following places in the workflow:

      • a form that appears earlier in the same workflow

      • submission data

      • workflow variables

  • From Manually Entered Text: If you want the same data to automatically appear regardless of the submission or completer, you will not use submission variables. For example, if you want the principal's name to automatically appear on the form no matter who is completing the form, you will use manually entered text that is put into the form ahead of time. You will not need submission variables because the data will be consistent each time and won't vary from submission to submission.

Creating autofill fields on a paper or digital form:

Navigate to the form that you'd like to autofill onto. Click Edit Form to open its configurations.

Go ahead and create the appropriate fields where you need them on the form, such as your single line input fields, dropdown fields, date fields, etc. Once that is done, you can now correctly configure your autofill fields. Keep in mind that you cannot autofill into the following fields:

  • Checkbox Group

  • Signature

  • Formula

If you are needing submission variables for some or all of your autofill fields, you'll need to set those up first, and you can read more about how to do that below. If you are using manually entered text, feel free to skip this section.

Submission Variables

Submission variables are set up here to serve as "doors" for the data to walk through from another place in the workflow onto this form. Look over your form and decide how many autofill fields you'll need, and therefore how many submission variables you'll need to create. One autofill field = one submission variable.

Looking at the left side of your screen, click on Settings.

Click Add Submission Variable.

You'll need to give this submission variable a clearly identifiable name that easily indicates which autofill field it will be linked to on this form. In order to keep everything clearly organized, it is often helpful to give both the submission variable and its autofill field the same label. You can also add a description for further details, if needed.

Continue adding submission variables until you have one for each of your needed autofill fields that you are about to create.

You can always come back and edit these submission variables. To delete a submission variable, hover your cursor over the submission variable's name or description and a gray "X" will appear to the right of the box.

Once all of your submission variables are created, you are ready to configure your autofill fields.

Click on the field that you would like to contain autofilled data.

Once the field configurations open on the left side of your screen, make sure the field name of your new autofill field is given a label that is clear and easily identifiable. Instead of "Name", we recommend being more specific and using "Student Name" or "Name of Applicant".

Next, scroll down to the Enable Autofill toggle button and turn it on.

If you'd like this field to be hidden from the completer, you can toggle on the Is Hidden? button.

If you'd like the autofilled data to still be editable by the completer, toggle on the Is Editable? button. If you don't want completers to be able to edit the data in this field, leave this button off.

Click on the Configure Autofill button that now appears in order to decide where to get the data for this field.

In the Get Data From dropdown menu that appears on the right side of your screen, you are given two choices of where to get your data from for this field. If you created a submission variable for this field, choose A Submission Variable. If you want to go ahead and input what data will appear here for every submission, choose Manually Entered Text.

  • If you chose A Submission Variable, you will see a Submission Variable dropdown menu appear with a list of the submission variables that you previously created. Choose the submission variable that correlates with this field.

  • If you chose Manually Entered Text, you will see a text box appear where you can input the data that you want to consistently appear in this field.

Repeat these steps for each of your autofill fields.

*If using submission variables, you'll need to complete your autofill configurations within the workflow. You can find more information about that process here.

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