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Updating Forms in Your Workflow
Updating Forms in Your Workflow
Written by Hannah Hill
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This feature allows you to keep your workflow up to date as you make changes and updates to your forms.

When you've made a change to a form that already exists in a workflow, there is an easy way to make sure that any changes you've made are also reflected in the workflow.

After editing your form, be sure to click the purple Save button.

Navigate to the workflow that contains this form, and click Workflow on the left side of your screen to enter the workflow builder page.

You will notice that you now have a yellow exclamation point in the left corner of the form that you just edited. That yellow exclamation point is there to notify you that an updated version of this form exists, but the form has not been updated in the workflow quite yet.

First, make sure your workflow is unlocked at the top on your screen. Click the blue form step that needs to be updated, and the configuration window will appear on the right side of your screen. At the top, you will see a red alert message letting you know that there is a newer version of this form, which you can update or continue to use the previous version.

Scroll down the configuration window to the section titled Form Information, and you will see a purple Update Form to Latest Version button.

Click this button to update the form in your workflow. It's also helpful to keep an eye on the Revision number above it. Once your form has been updated to the newest version, that number should increase by one since an additional revision has been made.

Click the blue Save button at the bottom of your configuration window, and your form will now be updated in the workflow.

To make your changes "live" and accessible to the completers, lock your workflow at the top of your screen.

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