Archiving Submissions

Learn how to archive and unarchive submissions in a workflow

Written by Hannah Hill
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Who Can Do This?

  • Dashboard Users

  • Owners

Archiving a submission will remove it from the list of submissions. It will also no longer be included in your workflow's metrics. The submission will still be available to the users who completed steps of the submission in their submission history.

First, click on the workflow from which you need to archive a submission. Then click All Submissions on the left side of your screen.

You will now see your submission table for this workflow. Click on the particular submission that you would like to archive.

Your submission details window should now appear on the right side of your screen. Scroll to the bottom of this window until you see the option labeled Archive this Submission in red.

You will see a pop-up reminding you of the outcomes when archiving this submission. To archive this submission, click the Archive button.

This submission will now appear in the tab at the top of your submission table labeled Archived Submissions.

If for some reason you need to unarchive a submission, click on the submission in the Archived Submissions tab. When the submission details appear on the right side of your screen, click Unarchive this Submission.

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