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Learn more about the access that Dashboard users have

Written by Hannah Hill
Updated over a week ago

Dashboard Access is great for users who need to build workflows and forms or access reports and data within Script. Dashboard users do not have access to any forms or workflows by default. They can only access forms, workflows, or submission data that they are the owner of or that they have been invited to collaborate on. Dashboard Access users also have access to the Script Inbox and all of the functions of an Inbox Only user.

If you or someone in your organization has Dashboard Access, this is what they will see when they log in to their account.

To access your Script Inbox, click the envelope at the top of your screen.

To access Support and Resources, click the question mark at the top of your screen.

When you click on Teams, Workflows, or Forms on the left side of your screen, you will only see teams, workflows, or forms that you have been invited to collaborate on and forms and workflows that you have created.

Under Settings, a Dashboard Access user will only have access to view their profile details.

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