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Learn more about the permissions that come with having Owner Access

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Owner level access is the highest level of access available to a Script user. This access gives users full control over all forms and workflows and allows them to manage user access to Script and all account settings. This is the role that the user who initially sets up your organization's account is granted. There can be multiple Owners of an account, but this should only be given to individuals who can be trusted with privileged access. Owners have all of the functions of Dashboard users and Inbox Only users, as well.

If you or someone in your organization has Owner access, this is what they will see when they log in to their account.

To access your Script Inbox, click the envelope at the top of your screen.

To access Support and Resources, click the question mark at the top of your screen.

When you click on Teams, you will see all of the teams that exist within your organization's account. However, you will only be able to access the teams that you are a member of.

When you click on Workflows or Forms, you will see and be able to access all forms and workflows that exist within your organization's account.

To manage user and account settings, click Settings in the bottom left corner of your screen.

You will first see your personal Profile information.

Click Details to view and edit your organization's account details, including the tenant ID #.

Click Connections to configure file transfer connections for your organization.

Click Users to create and manage all user accounts within your organization.

Click Trusted Advisors to monitor which LINQ employees have access to your organization's account. Only LINQ employees that have been given explicit permission from an Owner in your organization should be listed here - we take your data privacy very seriously.

Click Login & SSO to configure login settings for your users.

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