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Learn how to add checkboxes to paper forms and digital forms

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The checkbox field is a selection tool that allows you to set up multiple answer choices for a user to choose from. The checkbox field can be used in both digital and paper forms.

To add a checkbox field to your form, navigate to the form where you would like to incorporate a checkbox field. Click Edit Form to open the configurations for your form.

For a paper form, you will simply click on the checkbox field and drag the field onto the paper form.

For a digital form, you will click on the "+" sign to the right of the checkbox field to add it to your form. The checkbox field will default to the bottom of your form, and you can use the navigation arrows to move the field wherever you want on the form.

Once the checkbox field has been added to your digital form, you will click on your checkbox to open the configurations for your checkbox group. If working in a digital form, you will want to assign a label for your checkbox group - this can be a question or the name of whatever data you are collecting.

Next, you will start adding your checkbox options. These can be added one by one or in bulk. To add your options one at a time, you will enter your first option under the Options section within your checkbox configuration and then select the Add Option button for each additional choice you want to add. If you want to bulk add your options, you will select the Bulk Add Options button. This will then bring up a box that allows you to manually input multiple options or copy and paste from a spreadsheet or text file.

Once you have entered all options, you will click Next to see a preview of your entered options. You can select the back button if you are not satisfied with your options and need to update them. If you are satisfied with your options, you will click Bulk Add Options to add them to your checkbox group.

Note: When using the Bulk Add options, the options entered will populate starting with Option 2, since by default you will already have an Option 1. If you are using this, it is best to enter your bulk options starting with the second option from your list.

Finally, you will want to set up how you would like your checkbox options to be displayed. These options can be found within the Settings section of your configurations. You can choose to have your options displayed horizontally by turning on the Display Inline setting, or you can have them displayed as an option card by turning on the Display as Cards setting. If you do not choose either setting, your checkbox options will display vertically. You can use one or both settings to best fit the needs of your form.

Once your checkbox group and checkbox options have been set up, your users will now be able to click and select the applicable answer(s) on your form.

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