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Learn how to add a signature field to your form

Written by Hannah Hill
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The signature field is a feature that allows you to obtain a signature from any completers of your form. It can be used in both digital and paper forms.

To add a signature field to your form, navigate to the form where you would like to incorporate a signature field. Click Edit Form to open the configurations for your form.

For a digital form, you will click on the "+" sign to the right of the signature field to add it to your form.

The signature field will appear at the end of your digital form, and you can use the navigation arrows to move the field wherever you need it to be on the form.

You will add the signature field on the paper form in a similar way, but instead of clicking on the "+" sign to the left of the signature field, you will simply click anywhere on the signature field box and drag the field where you'd like it to be on your paper form.

Once the signature field has been added to your form, click on the newly added signature field to adjust the configurations as needed on the left side of your screen.

Notice that you can also choose to have their signature display as initials by toggling on the Display as Initials button.

Your completers can now add their signature by selecting Click Here to Sign in the signature field. This will bring up a signature box for them to type in their signature. Once they have typed in their signature, they will click a checkbox that documents their acknowledgement of this legally binding electronic signature. Once they then click Sign Document, their signature will now be added to the document.

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