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Learn how to add a formula to your form

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This feature allows you to perform automatic calculations on a digital or paper form.

While our formulas are similar to Excel's, we do not have cell numbers (A1, C3) and use field IDs instead. Every field on your form has its own unique ID number consisting of a string of letters and numbers.

To add a formula field to a digital form, click Formula at the bottom of your field tools on the left side of your screen.

This will automatically add the formula field to the end of your digital form, but you can use the compass button in the top right corner of the formula field to drag it to a different place on your form.

To add a formula field to a paper form, click Formula at the bottom of your field tools on the left side of your screen and drag it wherever you'd like it to appear on your form.

While your formula field is still selected, you will see your field configurations on the left side of your screen.

To begin building your formula, click Insert Field to select the field on your form that you'd like to insert into the formula first. Note that if the other fields on your form are not labeled clearly, it will be difficult to find the field you're looking for in this dropdown menu.

You can also insert the field IDs by copying and pasting them into the formula creation box. To copy the field ID of a field on your form, click on the field and scroll to the bottom of the field configurations on the left side of your screen. At the bottom, you will see the field ID and you'll be able to copy it directly from there.

Next, you would need to paste it into the formula creation box and continue building your formula.

Using the field IDs that are needed for your formula, some common calculations are:

  • Addition: +

  • Subtraction: -

  • Division: /

  • Multiplication: *

  • SUM





You can also adjust the format that your formula will appear in by selecting one of these options from the Format dropdown menu under the Settings section in your field configurations:

  • General: includes letters and numbers

  • Currency: includes a $

  • Number: limits to only numeric characters

If working on a digital form, you can mark the field hidden by toggling on the Is Hidden? button if you would like to hide the value from the completer of the form. The data will be saved for reporting purposes and can be used in downloading data, approvals, notifications, and conditional branches.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you are doing lengthy calculations, paste the field IDs onto a spreadsheet to create your formula and then paste the completed formula into the formula creation box.

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