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Field Sizing and Positioning
Field Sizing and Positioning

Learn how to best adjust the appearance of fields on a paper form

Written by Hannah Hill
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All fields on a paper form are customizable in size and placement to best meet the needs of your form and its completers.

When a field is selected while editing a paper form, you will notice three options around the field itself that appear.

  • The compass that appears on the left side of the field can be clicked and dragged to move the field to a different place on your form.

  • The trash can that appears on the right side of the field can be clicked to delete the field from your form.

  • The square that appears in the bottom right corner of the field can be clicked and dragged to change the size of the field.


Here are a few more helpful hints when creating and adjusting your paper form fields:

  • While working in Builder view, zoom in within your browser to get a closer look at the size and position of your fields. Most browsers will allow you to zoom in up to 125%. To enter Builder view, look at the top center of your screen and click Builder.

  • We recommend working in Split view when you need to see exactly how your form fields will appear to your completers. To enter Split view, look at the top center of your screen and click Split. The Builder view will still appear on the left side, while the Preview appears on the right.

  • When adding a new field onto your form, notice the blue line that appears on the left edge of the field tool as you're dragging it. This blue line aligns to the left edge of your field once it's dropped onto your form. Lining up this blue line to wherever you'd like this field to begin on your form will help you to position this field correctly.

  • When a new field is dragged onto a form, there is a standard size that the new field will appear in every time. There will be times when you need to resize a field, but whenever possible, do not change the original size of the field in order to save you time and maintain consistency.

  • In addition to the compass button, you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to incrementally move the fields on your paper form.

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