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Learn how to add a multiple-choice field to your digital form

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The radio group field is a digital form tool that allows you to collect data from your completers in the format of a multiple-choice question.

First, navigate to the digital form on which you would like to incorporate a radio group.

Click Edit Form to open the configurations for your form.

To add a radio group field to your form, you will simply click on the "+" sign next to Radio Group on the left side of your screen.

The radio group field will default to the bottom of your form, and you can use the compass button in the top right corner of the field to move it wherever you would like.

With your radio group field still selected, look to your field configurations on the left side of your screen.

First, you will want to assign a label for your radio group. This might be a question or the name of the data you are collecting.

Next, you will start adding your radio group options. These can be added one by one or in bulk.

To add your options one at a time, you will enter your first choice under the Options section within your field configurations. Select the Add Option button for each additional choice you want to add.

If you want to bulk add your options, you will select the Bulk Add Options button.

This will then bring up a window on the right side of your screen that allows you to manually input multiple options or copy and paste from a spreadsheet or text file. Once you have entered all options, you will click Next to see a preview of your radio group field with the options you entered. You can select the Back button at the top of this window or the Cancel button at the bottom of this window if you need to make additional changes to your options. Once you are satisfied with your options, you will click Bulk Add Options to add them to your radio group field.

Note: A radio group field defaults to having at least one option at all times, so when using Bulk Add Options, the options entered will populate starting with Option 2 and not Option 1. This will not replace or override any options you add. If you are using Bulk Add Options, it is best to enter your bulk options starting with the second option from your list.

You will now see the radio group options that you created appear in your field configurations on the left side of your screen. These can be edited from here, along with any Helper Text that you'd like to include with each option.

If you used Bulk Add Options, you can now edit the defaulted Option 1 that appears first.

You can change the order in which they appear in the radio group by clicking the dotted handlebar to the left of each option and dragging it to the place you'd like it to be.

You cannot delete whichever option appears first since the radio group field will always require at least one option, but you can delete any subsequent options by hovering over them and clicking the "X" that appears.

Finally, you will want to decide how you would like your radio group options to be displayed. These options can be found within the Settings section of your field configurations. If you'd like your multiple options to appear inline and horizontally, toggle on the Display Inline button. If this button is left off, the options will by default appear vertically stacked instead. Use the Preview or Split view to see which setting best meets your needs.

Be sure to frequently click the purple Save Form button in the top right corner to ensure that your changes have been saved.

Once your radio group and its options have been set up, your completers will now be able to click and select the applicable answer on your digital form.

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