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Defining Your Process Before Building
Defining Your Process Before Building

Learn how to plan out your workflow before building it

Written by Hannah Hill
Updated over a week ago

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Before building your workflow, research and plan out your process so that you have a clear idea of what steps are needed.

When you're ready to build a new workflow process, here are some questions to think through ahead of time that will help streamline your building. Keep in mind that best practice suggests you find ways to simplify your process, wherever possible.

What is the end result of this process?

What forms need to be a part of this process?

Who needs to complete which form?

Who needs to be notified of this process?

Are there any approvals needed before the process can continue?

Do I need to collect any files from my completers?

Will I need conditional routing that determines who the workflow continues to and when?

Once you have a clear idea on how the work needs to flow, you are ready to begin building your workflow!

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