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Who Can Do This?

  • Dashboard Users

  • Owners

Looking at the blue navigation bar on the left side of your screen, click Workflows to view the workflow directory.

If you have owner access, you will see all of your organization's workflows listed here.

If you have dashboard user access, you will see the workflows that you have created and any workflows that you have been given permission to access.

For each workflow or folder, you can see who it was created by and when it was last updated.

In the top right corner, you can use the purple Create Workflow button to start building a new workflow.

Underneath the purple Create Workflow button, you have the options to move any existing workflows or folders around and create new folders for your workflows. Click New Folder in the top right corner to create a new folder for your workflows.

Type in a name for this folder in the window that appears on the right side of your screen. Click Save.

Click Edit Files to select which workflows or folders you would like to move to a different folder.

Select the applicable workflows or folders and click Move Selected in the top left corner.

The available folders will now appear in a window on the right side of your screen. You'll notice that at first the Move button at the bottom of this window is completely grayed out. When you click on the folder you'd like to move these items into, the Move button text will turn black to notify you that it is ready to be moved. Click Move to complete the action.

If you have owner access, click All Submissions on the left side of your screen under the Submissions heading to view all submissions for all workflows in your organization in one place.


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