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Completing a File Upload Step
Completing a File Upload Step

Learn how to complete a file upload step within a submission

Written by Hannah Hill
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Who Can Do This?

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By completing a file upload step, you can upload files in order to associate them with a submission.

When opening a file upload step, you will first see the name of who initiated this submission in the top left corner.

For each document the workflow is asking for, you might see the following pieces of information listed:

  • Document Name (This will tell you what kind of file the workflow is asking for)

Ex: Copy of Transcript, Technology Invoice, Scanned Doctor's Note, etc.

  • The minimum number of files required for this particular document

Ex: At minimum 2 file(s) required

  • The maximum number of files allowed for this particular document

Ex: Up to 5 file(s) allowed

  • The allowed file types for this document

Ex: Allowed file types: pdf, jpeg

(If you don't see these pieces of information listed for a document, that means there is no limit on how many or what kind of files you can upload.)

To begin uploading a file, you can either drag and drop a file into the Drag and Drop box under the appropriate document name or click inside of the Drag and Drop box to browse for your file.

Once your file has been uploaded, you will see it listed under the document name you uploaded it to. Click the red "x" next to your file name to delete it from this submission.

Continue uploading your files until you have met the requirements for each document.

If you attempt to upload a file type that is not allowed, you will receive an error message alerting you that this file does not have the required file extension.

You will not be allowed to submit this step until the minimum for each document has been met.

When all requirements have been met, click the purple Submit button in the top right corner.

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