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Adding Steps Needing Review
Adding Steps Needing Review

Add the ability to review previously completed steps to current workflow steps

Written by Hannah Hill
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Who Can Do This?

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When someone is completing a step in the workflow, they may need to look at previously completed steps in order to accurately complete their step.

This feature allows you to customize what previous steps a completer can see while simultaneously working on their current step. You can also allow them to edit previous step submissions while reviewing them.

First, navigate to the Workflow page of an existing workflow.

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Make sure your workflow is unlocked so that you are able to edit it.

Click on the step that you'd like to allow completers to review previous steps on. For example, to complete a Purchase Order form, you might want to be able to review the previous Equipment Request form and the approval step.

Your step configurations will appear on the right side of your screen. Scroll down inside of this window and click Steps Needing Review.

Now you will see the configuration window for your steps needing review.

Every step that precedes this step in the workflow and is able to be reviewed will appear here. Steps that can be reviewed are: form steps, file upload steps, and approval steps. Notification steps, conditional branches, and file transfer steps are not able to be reviewed since there is no action taken by completers on these steps.

To allow a previous step to be reviewed by the current step's completer, toggle on the button next to that step's name. Leave this button off if you do not want the current step's completer to be able to review this step.

If they are reviewing a previous form step or a previous file upload step, you can give the current step's completer the option to also edit that form step or file upload step by toggling on the Is Editable button. You can leave this off if you only want the current step's completer to view it and not be able to make any changes.

Click the blue Done button at the bottom of this window.

Click the blue Save button at the bottom of your step configurations window.

Continue this process for any other workflow steps to which you'd like to add steps needing review.

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