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Using Steps Needing Review
Using Steps Needing Review
Written by Hannah Hill
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When completing a step that has this setting turned on, you are able to view and edit previous step submissions that might help you complete your current step.

This feature allows you to view previous steps that have been chosen by the workflow's builder to aid you in your portion of the submission.

When you open a step that has steps needing review configured on it, you will see a split view with your current step on the right side of your screen and the steps you are allowed to review on the left.

Any steps that need reviewing will appear in the order in which they occur in the workflow. You will only be able to review form steps, file upload steps, and approval steps. Notification steps, conditional branches, and file transfer steps are not able to be reviewed since there is no action taken by completers on these steps.

For each step needing review, you will see the name of the step, the name of its completer, the time and date it was completed, and any files generated by that step.

Click on the name of the file to view files generated by form steps or file upload steps.

If the workflow builder is allowing you to edit any of these steps, you will see an Edit Submission button in the top right corner of the step needing review. Click Edit Submission to open the step's submission and make any necessary edits.

Click Cancel Edit to cancel any changes you made to this step's submission.

Click Resubmit Step to save any changes you made and update this step's submission.

You will now see an Edited By section that appears at the top of the step that you edited. This documents who made the changes, as well as the time and date of the changes.


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