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Accessing Submission Details
Accessing Submission Details
Written by Hannah Hill
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Submission details provide you with data that is unique to that submission and allow you to manage that submission specifically.

Navigate to the workflow you'd like to look at a specific submission of.

From the navigation bar on the left side of your screen, click All Submissions.

Use the tab views at the top of your table, the search bar, or the column sort to locate the submission you need to view.

Click on the submission and the Submission Details window will open on the right side of your screen.

At the top, you will see the name of the workflow this submission is tied to.

(If the initiator does not have a Script account or was not logged into their Script account when they began this submission, you will see a notice underneath the workflow name notifying you that this was initiated by an unverified email.)

Next, you will see the unique Submission ID listed, along with the status of this submission.

The next section of details tells you the name of the initiator, their email address, and whether or not their email was verified.

You will then notice a button that is labeled Available Files with the number of available files in parentheses. Click this to view the files that have been generated by this submission.

You can either click each file to download them individually, or click Download All Files to download them all at once to a ZIP file.

Next, each step of the workflow is listed along with who completed each step and when they completed it.

Please reference our other Knowledge Base Articles to learn more about archiving submissions, sending reminders to completers, or resetting and reassigning steps.

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