Form Exports

Export form-specific data to a PDF or CSV file

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Form exports are a great way to pull a custom report of responses to a specific form.

A form export pulls submission and initiator info, along with form responses into a PDF or CSV file.

First, navigate to the form you'd like to export responses from.

From the navigation bar on the left side of your screen, click Export.

If you have previously ran an export on this form, that will appear here and you can download it again. To run a new export, click the purple Export Responses button in the top right corner.

First, choose the format of your export. Use the information below to decide which one will best meet your needs.

  • A PDF format will export all form submissions as individual PDF versions of the form. So, if you have 20 submissions on this form, it will create 20 individual PDF files of the completed form. A PDF export will only provide the form responses, and not any submission or initiator info. You will only be able to open and view one form response at a time. This is a good way to access multiple, individual form responses that might need to be printed off for one reason or another.

  • A CSV format will export submission info, initiator info, and form responses into a CSV file. Each form submission will appear as its own row in the file, with the type of data appearing as the columns. Each field on your form that collects a response will have its own column in the CSV file. This is a good way to see multiple form responses at once.

Next, select the date range you would like to apply to your form export. You can choose from the options provided, or create your own custom date range.

Once your export has been configured, click the purple Start Export button at the bottom of this window.

You will see your new form export appear with a unique export ID number, the type of export, when it was created, and the status of the export.

When your form export is ready to be downloaded, a download button will appear to the right and the status will change from Generating to Complete.

The more responses that fall into your chosen date range, the longer the export will take to generate. Wait a few minutes for your form export to be prepared.

Tip: Refreshing your browser might help with this and will not interfere with the export process.

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