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Learn how to add a date/time field to a digital form

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The date/time field is feature that allows your completers to select a day, month, and year from a calendar and a time to include on a digital form.

The date/time field is a tool that allows users to add a date and/or time to their form. The date/time field is only used on a digital form.

To add a date/time field, navigate to the digital form where you would like to incorporate a date or time.

Click Edit Form from the form navigation bar to open the configurations for your form.

Looking at your digital form tools on the left side of your page, click on the "+" sign next to Date/Time to add it to your form.

The date/time field will default to the bottom of your form, but you can use the navigation arrows in the top right corner of the field to move it wherever you'd like it to be.

Once the date/time field has been added to your digital form, you will click on that same date/time field to open its configurations.

First, you will want to assign a label for this field to clearly communicate to the completer what date and/or time you are looking for.

Next, you will want to configure the Format for this field, which can be found within the Settings section of the configurations. You will see three options in the dropdown menu:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Date & Time

This will allow you to choose whether you want to have just the date on your form, just the time on your form, or if you want to have both the date and time entered in this field.

Your completer will be able to enter the date by either typing in the date, or clicking the embedded date box to the right of the field. This will bring up a calendar where they can select the date they wish to enter. Once they have selected the date they want, they will then see it populate into the field.

To enter the time, your completer will simply type out the time, including the colon, and ensure that they include an AM or PM designation.


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