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Workflow Navigation Bar
Workflow Navigation Bar
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Use the workflow navigation bar to access all of your workflow and submission details.

First, click on the workflow button in the blue navigation bar on the left side of your page.

Click on the name of any workflow. The workflow navigation bar is the white navigation bar that you see on the left side of your page after clicking on a workflow.

In your workflow navigation bar, you will find the following pages:


The dashboard page will give you a brief overview of the activity of the workflow, including the total number of submissions, how many are in progress, and how many are completed. This page will also show any pending steps that need to be completed.


This page is where you will go to create or edit your workflow. This is often referred to as the workflow builder.


The overview page contains details about your workflow, including the name, description, and creator of the workflow.


All Submissions

The all submissions page contains the submission table that allows you to manage all of the submissions for this workflow and export submission reports.

Submission Requests

This page is where you can go to configure your submission requests. For more detailed information on submission requests, click here.



This page allows you to edit your workflow details, such as the workflow name and description.

  • To edit the workflow name, click the purple Edit button next to the workflow's name.

  • To edit the workflow description, click the purple Edit button next to the workflow's description.

  • To delete this workflow, click the red Delete button under the section titled Danger Zone. As an added precaution, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to type in the full name of the workflow before you can delete it. Keep in mind that once you click Delete from this window, the workflow will be permanently deleted from your account.


Manage Access

This page is where you can configure who should have access to this workflow. For more information on Workflow Collaborators, click here.


Copy Script Link

This button does not take you to a page, but automatically copies the submission link for this workflow to your clipboard. This is the link a completer can use to begin a submission on this workflow, which is not the same as the workflow's URL that contains the workflow ID#.

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