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Creating a Digital Form
Creating a Digital Form

Learn how to build a digital form in Script

Written by Hannah Hill
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Who Can Do This?

  • Dashboard Users

  • Owners

Creating a digital form allows users to build their own custom form within Script.

Navigate to the Form Directory by clicking on Forms from the blue navigation bar on the left side of your page.

Click Create Form in the top right corner of this page.

*If you would prefer to make a digital form for a team that you are a member of, navigate to that team and click on the team Overview. Scroll down to the Forms section, and click Create New Form.

Now that your form creation window has opened on the right side of your screen, you can give this digital form a name that is unique and easily identifiable.

You may also give this digital form a description that will help your organization identify the purpose and intent of this form.

From the Assigned Team dropdown menu, you can choose to assign this digital form to a team within your organization, but that is not required.

Select Digital Form.

Click the blue Save button.

You will be taken directly to the builder page so that you can begin configuring your new digital form.

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