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Submitting an Enhancement Request
Submitting an Enhancement Request

In this article you will find steps to submit an Enhancement request and upvote existing requests.

Written by Melissa O.
Updated over a week ago

Logging an Enhancement Suggestion

  1. Click the ? icon at the top of the Script Portal

  2. Select “Share Your Feedback” from the menu items

  3. Fill in the provided fields

    1. Important: Adding screenshots is helpful but we ask that you blur out or block any sensitive or identifying information as this is a public forum

  4. Select "Product Area" (This is optional)

  5. Click “Submit Request

Upvoting an Enhancement

In the process of submitting an Enhancement Request/Suggestion, you will be presented with potential duplicates based on your word choice. If someone else has already submitted the same request, you can upvote their Request in order to show your interest and be notified about status changes of that Request. Follow the steps below to upvote.

  1. Click the “Thumbs Up” icon on any existing request

    1. You can also add clarifying comments if your request is slightly different.

  2. If you simply wish to get notifications about a suggestion, use the "Subscribe to This" link

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