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Building a Hold Step
Building a Hold Step
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Hold steps allow you to pause progress on a submission for a given length of time.

A hold step can be beneficial if you want to control the timing of when submissions proceed to the next step of a workflow. For example, parents might fill out enrollment forms, and administrators may designate class assignments, but you don't want teachers to receive a notice of the class assignments until a certain date.

To add a hold step to a workflow, navigate to your Workflow page.

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Make sure your workflow is unlocked so that you are able to edit it.

If this is a new workflow without any steps yet, you will notice one large plus sign "+" underneath your start button that you can click on to add a hold step. If you already have existing steps in your workflow, you will notice plus sign buttons in between each of your existing steps. Click on the "+" that aligns with where you want your hold step to be located in the workflow. You will also be able to move this step to a different part of your workflow at a later time, if needed.

You will now see a selection pane on the right side of your screen where you will decide what type of step you'd like to add to your workflow. Choose Hold from this list.

Now your hold step appears in your workflow. Wait for the blue checkmark in the bottom right corner of your screen to confirm that your changes have been saved.

Notice that there is a red exclamation point in the left corner to remind you that your hold step is not completely set up yet.

Click on the purple Hold step to finish setting it up.

Your step configurations should now appear on the right side of your screen.

First, you can change the step name that appears in the workflow.

Next, from the dropdown menu labeled Hold Type, you can select whether you'd like this step to pause or hold submissions until a certain date or for a certain length of time.

If you choose Hold until this date, you will then be prompted to use the date field to select the date you'd like submissions to be held until. Note that this date will apply to all submissions of this workflow, regardless of when the submission was started.

If you choose Hold until this time, you will then be prompted to enter in the number of days you'd like submissions to be paused for. Select the checkbox next to Ignore Weekends if you'd like this hold to only include weekdays. Note that the timing of this hold will be unique to when each submission reaches this step of the workflow. For example, one submission may have reached this step on May 20th, be held for 10 days, and then proceed on May 30th, while another submission didn't reach this hold step until May 23rd, and therefore won't proceed until June 2nd.

Once your hold step configurations are complete, click the blue Save button.

Once you see the blue checkmark signaling that your changes have been saved, your red exclamation point will be gone and your hold step is ready to be used!

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